Ernesto and the Magic Trampoline

Illustrated wordless picturebook, made to be read by children of all nations with no language barrier. A playful comic strip of narrative images designed for kids aged 3-6 , with a focus on communicating the narrative through character expression and color placement. Self -published
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acrylic, pastels, colored pencils on fabric and paper


  1. Très frais, très doux et tendre. j'aime l'ensemble de vos dessins. bravo!

  2. Oh yes! Your work is really wonderful. This is just so great, I can't find words. Keep it going, please.

  3. that is so weird, you have the same nickname as me, mojo jojo...

  4. Well, it's not so weird - that's how I found your blog. For myself, I picked that name as my "internet alias" from a little "mojo jojo" plastic figure (from the cartoon) I got from a corn flakes box. This is how I discovered your very nice work.


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